Thank you for choosing Timemasters Clock Repair for your clock repair needs. Your business is important to us and we value you as a customer. The following will answer your questions about our procedures for providing you with quality clock repair.
*Timemasters Clock Shop operates as a completely separate business entity. J.L. Johnson Fine Jewelers functions as a Drop off / Pickup site only.

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One winding hole in dial
Two weights
Quartz Clock
Time only
House Calls and Moving
Time & Strike
Two winding hole in dial
Three weights
Quartz Clock
Time and pendulum
House Calls
Quarter Hour Strike
Three winding hole in dial
Quartz Clock
Time and Westminster chime
Residence Moving
Timemasters FAQ's
How long will it take to repair my clock?

Expect up to 6 months. Clock repair is a vanishing skill. As a result we have a lot of clocks to repair. If we are able to repair the clock sooner than 6 months you will be notified. Your Clock will be repaired in the order it was received. After it is repaired, your clock is observed for up to one week to make sure that it is operating properly. This is a time consuming process and is on of the reasons it takes so long to complete quality clock repair.

How much will it cost to repair my clock?

You will be given an estimate when you leave your clock, unless your clock is unusual or requires some special attention, such as an electric clock. Electric clocks and unusual antique clocks present a particular problem for repairs - parts are generally no longer available. This often causes further delays since I must make the needed parts. In such cases, I will contact you to discuss clock repair costs. I appreciate your patience.

Is Timemasters Clock Repair Certified to service clocks?

I have been repairing clocks for approximately 20 years. I have been an apprentice clock maker for two individuals with combined professional experience of over 50 years. I attended and graduated from the American Watch and Clock Institute (AWCI) in Cincinnati, OH. I am an active member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors).

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